(Another) Winter is Coming

As I write this, we are still in a long cold winter. Hopefully, by the time you read this, spring is just around the corner. But in any case, remember that another winter is already on its way!

So with that cheerful thought, don’t forget about making your house more energy efficient. You’ve switched to a cheaper energy provider, closed out those cold drafts and either put in secondary glazing or even double glazing. But there is so much more you can do. And now is the time to give your house a quick once over to find other quick wins.

Check your loft insulation. Only a few years ago, 75mm was considered enough. Advice now is to top that up with an extra 200mm. There are several makes of insulation in rolls that are designed to lie across ceiling joists rather than between them to add that extra depth. This is a relatively easy job and pays for itself very quickly.

Don’t forget the loft hatch. Draft proofing the hatch and laying insulation over the top when closed is really worth while.

If you have an open fire, think about getting one of the specialised chimney balloons to seal it for the summer. And if you have a woodburner, close all the vents when its not in use. These measures will stop cold air from cascading down your chimney.

Finally, remember, if you want a completely free survey by someone from the HEAT team, just email us to arrange a visit. We are a local not-for-profit organisation that is here to give you advice on how to reduce energy use and help tackle climate change.

Martin Mathers, Project Manager

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