This Month’s Top Tip


This Month's Top Tip I would hope by now, that most households know the value of looking for a new energy provider. In most cases, switching tariff can save money, especially with one of the new smaller energy providers. But challenging market conditions have made it tough for these new companies. In the [...]

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Your Energy, Your Money


Your Energy, Your Money Are your energy bills regularly high and you can't figure out where all this usage is coming from?  Do you have questions around Smart Meters or Renewable Technology and don't know where to start?  As well as the many Home Energy Surveys (and Festive activities!) these past two months I [...]

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This Month’s Top Tip


Upgrading PVC Windows - You’ve (not) been framed! Windows are a very important element in any house. Obviously, they let in a lot of natural daylight, but they can also be a very large cause of poor energy efficiency. Single glazed, ill fitting windows will probably be the most energy costly part of an [...]

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This Month’s Top Tip


This Month’s Top Tip When winters shadowy fingers first pursue you down the street, ...” * - it’s way past time to think about making your house warmer and more energy efficient. But it’s never too late to start. You’ve already draft proofed the house of course. You’ve either installed the latest double glazing or [...]

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Look through any window


Look through any window Windows lose heat through draughts, and direct heat loss through the glass. Both can be significantly reduced with double glazing. But don’t rush to replace your windows with new plastic frames just yet. If your window frames are in good condition, think about improving the windows you’ve got. First, if [...]

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