Low cost ways to make your home more energy efficient


The most low cost and effective ways that you can do it yourself to make home energy efficiency. Open Chimneys / Stoves Do you have an open fire that you only light a few times a year or not at all?Up to 75% of heat loss in a room can be down to an open chimney.Use [...]

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Loft Insulation


We are all pretty good at loft insulation but have you insulated your loft hatch and sealed it around the edges to prevent drafts? One way of doing this is by using old carpet and flooring underlay. Insulated loft hatch The next stage is to fit a new, insulated loft hatch (pictured below). This is a bigger job but [...]

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Energy Efficient Windows


By far the most common energy efficiency improvement is to fit double glazing window. This does save energy but perhaps not as much as you might think. double glazing window The Energy Saving Trust estimates that an average house would save £120 per year by replacing single glazing with double glazing. BUT it would cost perhaps £5000 – [...]

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Simple and effective ways to insulate your home


How to start to house insulation? There are many simple and effective ways to insulate your home and can significantly reduce heat loss . Insulate pipe gaps/holes and around fixtures & fittings Do you feel a draft every time you stand at the kitchen sink? Open your cupboards and see if there are gaps around [...]

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