As we all turn the heating back on this winter, we will be met with the reality of higher energy prices that have been spoken about so much. Each one of us will experience this cost of living crisis in different ways.
(see for the many support options from the Council), but when it comes to heating our homes there are a number of different things each of us can do to help ensure we stay warm and healthy.

We are here to help with assistance for meeting your specific energy needs with free, confidential, and practical home energy advice, and now thanks to extra funding from the Council we can offer this to all households across Perth and Kinross as well as SME businesses!

The HEAT Project energy advisors
The Heat Project – Nathan, Martin and Craig

That’s also where I come in (Hello!) as the funding has allowed me, Nathan, as the new energy advisor to join the team for 6 months over this difficult winter period.
We can help point towards actions that actually save money and, if not free, point towards various funds, grants, and loans that can help out.

Some of us are in a more difficult situation than others, but thankfully there are a number of safety nets for those in significant hardship.

  • Scottish Governments Home Heating fund is still open until the funds run out. It provides relief to those experiencing significant financial hardship such as those at risk of self-rationing energy usage.
  • The Perth and Kinross Financial Insecurity Fund may be able to provide financial assistance to those in fuel debt (as well as those using oil or bottled gas), and the Affordable Warmth grant may be able to help low-income and vulnerable households with long-term solutions in heating homes and paying for energy.

This winter will be a challenge but there is likely something each and every one of us can do to ensure we, and especially those most vulnerable, stay warm, cosy, and healthy this winter.

You can find all the team’s contact details at, or me directly at We also post helpful advice each week at

Published in Blairgowrie and Rattray Hub Magazine
By Nathan Jamieson -Energy advisor