The most low cost and effective ways that you can do it yourself to make home energy efficiency.

Open Chimneys / Stoves

Do you have an open fire that you only light a few times a year or not at all?
Up to 75% of heat loss in a room can be down to an open chimney.
Use a chimney balloon or similar to seal the flue. You will be amazed at the difference this makes and it is easy to take out if you want to light your fire, just remember to get it swept before using.

Open Chimneys
energy efficiency

Stove top fans

If you have a stove and don’t have it lit make sure that all the vents are closed as heat will also escape up the flue if they are open.Eco fans / Stove top fans improves the dispersion of warm area around the room or around your house. These really do make a big difference-energy efficiency.

Eco fans

Radiators-Heat Reflectors

These are simple to apply to the back of your radiators and bounce the hot air back in to the room. They are particularly useful for radiators that are mounted on external walls.

Heat Reflectors

Radiators-Radiator Fans

As like Stove Top fans they improve the dispersion of warm area around the room.

Thermostatic Radiator Control Values 

TRV’sThese reduce the flow of water through the radiator which they are fitted to when the temperature goes above a certain setting. Set them to the level you want for the room; a lower setting uses less energy and so will save you money.

Thermostatic Radiator Control Values