How to start to house insulation? There are many simple and effective ways to insulate your home and can significantly reduce heat loss .

Insulate pipe gaps/holes and around fixtures & fittings

Do you feel a draft every time you stand at the kitchen sink? Open your cupboards and see if there are gaps around the pipes? Place to house insulation in the gaps to stop the draft.
Also look to see if there are any gaps around your fixtures and fittings and fill these in

house insulation pipe gaps

Insulate Skirting boards and flooring

Look along your skirting boards and see if there are any gaps.  Fill these with Decorators Caulk
For old wooden floorboards use stopgap or rubber inlay between the boards to prevent drafts from coming up from under the floorboards.

house insulation skirt board

Doors and Windows

Can you see any gaps around the edge of your external doors or your windows? If so, buy a draft excluder roll and attach this around the edges.
Buy some draft excluders and put them on the end of your doors or simply buy a draft excluder cushion and lay it against the door with house insulation.

house insulation excluder cushion

Insulating Underlay

Using rugs on wooden floors can help you save between 4%-6% on your energy bills and house insulation.
You can also lay these on top of a layer of insulation. It is also worth using insulating underlay underneath your carpets.

house insulation rug