We provide free home energy advice throughout Perth and Kinross.

Thanks to new funding from Perth and Kinross Council, we now serve the whole of Perth and Kinross.

  • Heating + hot water advice

  • Supply+tariff switching

  • Condensation+dampness

  • Renewable technologies

  • Keep your home warm in winter

  • Saving you money

For Households

We can carry out full household surveys, examining the structure of your house and how it can be made more energy efficient, looking at your heating and hot water systems and advising on changes to save you money. We will also discuss how you use energy day to day and find simple ways for you to reduce you fuel bills. Where appropriate, and with your consent, we can refer you on to other organisations which can help with direct support.

If you are concerned about home visits, we can use phone or email to discuss those behavioural and other changes which can help to reduce your fuel bills without unnecessary or excessive spend on your part.

Where appropriate, we can also make applications to the Scottish Government Home Heating Fund on your behalf, helping to reduce existing household energy debt.

Client Feedback

Oh my goodness Craig – this is absolutely brilliant! What a fantastic service you offer! So comprehensive and allowed my to think of solutions I’d never considered before and pointed me to funding sources I previously didn’t know about!


Having contacted Craig today, I just want to leave feedback for the informative and extremely helpful information provided today on energy suppliers. Well done The Heat Project and hopefully P&K Council will continue to support such a useful service. Many thanks.


We just wanted to thank you, Nathan most sincerely for your time and expertise this morning.  We really appreciated your diligence and professional recommendations.  We look forward to your report in due course.  We are confident that following your recommendations will enable us to become more efficient in our personal and business energy usage.


Our Partners

Our success and the delivery of client needs depends on a framework of trusted partners. Some of the organisations we have worked with, and who have delivered real benefits for our clients are listed below.