The Home Heating Support Fund is a Scottish Government initiative to help clear energy debt for qualifying households.

Back in February we were appointed as “agents” allowing us to refer households to the HHF (who alone make the decision on whether a household should receive funds).

So far, over £1 million has gone to households in Scotland to pay off energy debt.

the home heating fund

The HEAT Project figures are

  • 65 applications

  • 58 successful

  • £29,957.24 total awarded

  • average is £516 per client

Our area is about 1.5% of Scotland’s population but we have processed about 3% of the money given out – so we are running at twice the national average
The fund is STILL OPEN for applications, so anyone who is in debt with their energy provider should contact us ASAP.
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Unlike many other government schemes, you may be eligible even if you are not on benefits.

If ANY of these apply to you  –live in a remote location, are over 75, have a medical condition, have higher than average energy bills, or are already in fuel debt – then you might be entitled to help with your energy bills.

If you qualify, the HEAT Project will refer you to the Home Heating Support Fund.
The funds will be paid direct to your energy supplier.